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Who can make my essay in Canada? Is this question bugging your mind? Writing essays is not easy. It requires tons of research and some solid writing skills. Luckily, you've found yourself among over 500 qualified Do My Essay writers who are here to relieve your academic headaches. We'll boost your academic performance. All you need to do is say the word. Text write my paper for me, and we'll do the heavy lifting to help you reach new heights on your academic journey!

I am a determined, hardworking and reliable professional equipped with writing, proofreading, and editing skills. I offer quality essay writing services that will guarantee the best grades for my customers. Furthermore, I have perfected my typing skills, and I can deliver the best essays urgently and within the stipulated timeline.
775 Orders completed
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I am an experienced writer with over ten years of experience in custom writing. I have worked as a college tutor and also worked for different academic writing companies. I have interacted with numerous clients and handled different kinds of assignments ranging from the undergraduate to the postgraduate level.
550 Orders completed
98% Success rate
Holding a Master’s diploma in psychological sciences and History, I found my passion for writing. I write blog articles covering political issues and diplomacy topics. Also, I use my knowledge to help students boost their grades by writing their academic assignments such as essays, reflective writing, and dissertations.
477 Orders completed
100% Success rate
I am a passionate and highly competent essay writer with outstanding skills and diverse experience in various academic fields including mathematics, technology, social science, biology, architecture, psychology, business, political science, arts, humanity and much more. I strive to deliver a quality writing service way before the deadline for my clients.
3117 Orders completed
99% Success rate
I'm a highly skilled academic writer having over four years of experience in the writing industry. I have a primary goal to provide the best to my clients. With a vast experience acquired, I've advanced a feeling of earnestness that ensures I deliver high-quality work under the allocated time frame proficiently.
332 Orders completed
99% Success rate
I have over three years experience as an academic and technical writer. Over the years, I have amassed extensive knowledge on how to handle orders with varying complexity. Additionally, I have an exceptional command of the English language which puts me at a vantage point as a freelance writer.
3253 Orders completed
99% Success rate

Each writer on our do my essay for me service is an expert and enthusiast in their field. They have demonstrated their prowess through written testing and shown proof of obtaining higher educations, which means that they know exactly how stressful college can be. By hiring a do my essay expert, you are sparing yourself much study-related anxiety while improving your overall academic performance. With an expert writer by your side, you can finish courses on top, focus on studying for exams, and never have to worry about written papers again. Meet the craft's real masters and see what they can do for you with just a few clicks

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Comprehensive DoMyEssay Guide

For anyone who needs help to write my essays, here's the comprehensive guide to achieving success without stress. After completing the following four simple steps, you'll have high-quality paper ready. You may also text us if you wish to place an order with a support manager's help.


Place an Order

Fill out the application form to let us know exactly what type of essay you need. All writing papers should include a rubric with recommendations for the writing and formatting of your document. Don't forget to attach the rubric to your order, as it contains essential requirements from your professor. 

Select the Best Author 

After you submit the do my essay for me request, our writers will bid on your order. Browse customer reviews and writers' profiles to choose an expert. Also, you may contact support for help with anything related to your order. It's time to place a deposit of your essay's cost and start writing. 

Check Your Paper

Proofreading and editing are what make papers shine. When the draft is done, you'll find a notification in your email. You can check the draft and make sure that the writer is following your requirements correctly. You can also request unlimited edits and revisions to make your paper flawless and exactly how you want it.

Release the Payment

Use your deposited funds to pay for the essay. Note that your funds are stored on your account during the writing process, and you have full control over them. When you're done, please leave feedback for your writer. We greatly value feedback, as it helps us assess our writers' quality and improve our services.

Why Choose DoMyEssay?

Top academic help on every level provided to students at an amazing price. Our do my essay for me service always strives to ensure that each result is better than the next, aiming to please and exceed expectations. On top of that, you get the following complimentary privileges when working with our service:

Flexible Pricing

Rising discounts on longer papers, free editing, and a dynamic workflow will make writing essays with us not only pleasurable but very affordable. Please keep a lookout for the various student discounts we offer.

Dedicated Support

We employ a trained support team who works 24/7 to help me do my essay demands. Ask us anything – we can switch your deadline, help you out with picking a writer or find ways to complete unusual essay requests.

Skilled Writers

Before becoming a part of our team, each writer must score high on our grammar and writing tests. We test both their skills and official qualifications in their given subject field.

Full Anonymity

DoMyEssay writing service takes great care to ensure all customers remain anonymous. All communications happen securely, and no personal info is needed to use our service to the fullest.

100% Original Text

We run each paper through Turnitin, double-checking for plagiarism and level of uniqueness. When we're done writing a paper for you, we can attach a free Turnitin plagiarism report on demand.

Reliability & Punctuality

We understand how impactful late submissions can be for your grade, so we place a heavy emphasis on being reliable and punctual when it comes to submitting papers. Rest assured your writer will deliver your essay on time.

Safe Payments

Payments are processed through secured gateways, and all exchanges within our service are done through deposited funds.

Refund Guarantee

Choosing DoMyEssay means you won't have to worry about money-back guarantees. If you're not stunned by your paper, we'll refund you in full.

No Extra Fees

Every tool and feature you need for writing papers is already included in the price tag. There are no hidden services or pay-to-win schemes when you order an essay from us.

Help Me Write My Essay On a Budget

Write my essays for me – is something students think about oftentimes. But that's not because students are lazy or don't want to study. It's because sometimes the pressures of college can be overwhelming, and students find themselves shy of following their passion or living a vibrant college experience. With a Do My Essay service like ours under your belt, you can finally ace college and jump in on all the opportunities that come with it.

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Payments & Security

We guarantee 100% confidentiality of all your personal information. As our service offers legal academic assistance, we want to know that you will be satisfied and come back again and again.

We do your essay from $12.29 per page. Several factors determine your essay's final price, including the deadline, level of complexity, and your paper's overall volume. Based on that, we'll offer you a student-friendly price, with all the free goodies that come with using our do my essay for me service: experts on writing papers, free formatting, editing, and other essay cosmetics. It's an efficient and affordable way for any student who wants to work smart!

How Writers Do Essay For Me in 6 Step

Finding the perfect professional when you say I need help with my essay is just the beginning. Let's take you through the work stages to see how writers achieve uniqueness and originality on every paper.



The first step for your writer is thoroughly studying your requirements, guidelines, and attached files. Based on the info you've provided, your writer will find sources to accompany their composition.
Style imitation

Style imitation

Attach a sample of your writing to your order. It's highly recommended: this will help our experts imitate your writing style and help the essay take on your works' essence.
Fact-checking Sources 

Fact-checking Sources 

The person who will help me with my essay is an academic pro who can find the most relevant, factually correct, and trusted sources for each of your papers.


If any clarifications or adjustments are needed, the writer will contact you and offer essay drafts. You can keep a track of the writing process and make sure everything is in top shape.
Plagiarism scan

Plagiarism Scan

When each order is finalized, your paper gets scanned through plagiarism checkers to ensure its authenticity and originality. You may receive a Turnitin report along with your order on demand.
Quality check & Revision

Quality Check & Revision

We ensure that our team quality-checks each paper before sending you the final version. Customers can ask writers to make my essay better with unlimited edits and revisions.

Feedback From People Who've Asked us Help Do My Essay

Our online paper writing service has brought together a vibrant community of students who enjoy the benefits of working smart. Thanks to all the feedback we've received, we've been proud to remain the number one essay service on the web. Every customer who asks us to write my papers gets an exclusive and personalized experience. We'd love to hear more about your experience with our do my essay for me service and feedback if you think that we could improve further.


How can I make sure that the essay for me is without plagiarism?

Any kind of plagiarism is not tolerated in our service, and we emphasize that very highly to our writers. To further ensure authenticity, we have editors who independently check each paper through plagiarism-checkers to ensure that they're 100% originally written content. Whenever you get us to do my writing, we follow all the strict academic standards that come with such works. Also, note that you will get a free Turnitin plagiarism report with your paper – Turnitin is a famous scanner used by most academic institutions worldwide.

How good are your writers?

We hire writers who enjoy what they do. They are freelancers and writing enthusiasts from various academic and professional institutions. They offer proofs of expertise, higher education degrees and test their skills in our rigorous grammar and writing exams to join our service ranks. If you are searching for a specific writer who can do my essay for me, you can find fluent experts in your subject area, with qualifications to prove it available to view on their profile.

How will your writer help me do my papers?

If your lecturer has given you an impossible task and you can't fully understand the requirements of it, don't hesitate to ask us for help. Just fill out a simple order form on our website, and share the details of your assignment. Please include the area of study, number of pages, additional comments, sources, and an example of your writing. Your writer will use all these details as guidance for their work, and it will help them craft a perfect essay for your needs. We understand that students struggle to maintain a balance between studying and the fast-paced college life, and we're here to help you achieve both.

Can I chat and get to know my writer before he do my essay for me?

Our writers are always available for chat. Communication always yields the best results and gives you a chance to further specify your requirements, and guide your writer towards the final goal. Chat with your writer during the process, give them ideas, sources, and request alterations to your writing. From the moment you ask a Canadian writing an essay for help, they will always be tough and update you throughout the writing process. Every customer is very much encouraged to take advantage of this and chat with their writer to receive the best grade possible.

Please keep in mind that we protect our writers' private data as much as we do yours. Confidentiality is important to us. That's why the writers' names may be different on our service from their real names. However, all the info on their write essay for me profiles is honest and based on information that we've gathered and fact-checked.

For what price can you write paper for me?

Just like any other student, you want to save up more than you can spend. College is a thrilling and vibrant time full of activities and opportunities. In light of that, we understand that spending money on essays is not exactly the first thing on your mind. But hear us out – we charge only $10 per page for an essay, while on other services, prices can go up to $21 per page. Just a few of these essays can help you boost your academic standing and earn you an exemplary diploma at the end of your academic career. If you're one of the students who like to work smart, ordering an essay can help you enjoy the full thrill of college while passing all of your classes on top. It's well worth it in the end!

How can I pay for an essay for me? 

Paying for an essay is easy. The system works in the following way: you deposit funds to your account using MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, Amex, or another platform (specify with support), and then you may use these funds for purchases on our website. The funds are stored on your account, and neither we nor the writers have access to them. You pay only after you've received and confirmed that you're satisfied with your order.

Can I get my paper submitted to me before the deadline?

You can obtain the blueprint of your paper that's currently in progress before the selected deadline. The writer will send you a draft that you may then tweak and finish as you like. But keep in mind that there is a certain inconvenience that will come with it – as your paper will not be finalized by the writer who had been working on it. To avoid such situations -- use our double deadlines feature so that the writer knows when an acceptable draft can be ready.

How do I pick the very best writer to write my essay?

On our service, you can easily get essays on field-specific subjects. Visit our writers' profiles to learn more about what they can do and what they've already done. Their proficiency and level of experience are displayed there and based on this info. You can find the very best match for your essay. If you don't have time or are struggling with choosing a writer, contact our support team as they can give you some useful suggestions.

Can someone find out that I've used your services? 

Not unless you tell them yourself! When you submit write my essays requests, they are always confidential. We never ask for your real name, the name of your college, or any other personal information. Neither do we work with third parties who seek to attain this information and sell you pesky ads. We are an entirely anonymous and independent service seeking to help students ease academia's heavy load. To further ensure that nobody ever finds out, we'll do our best to imitate your writing style and tone of voice on every assignment. 

Can I further edit my paper after it's been written?

Editing comes for free when you pay for the price of the essay. This means that you're able to edit your essay to an unlimited extent until you're satisfied. The following edits are included in your paper's initial price tag: formatting, title page, bibliography, in-text quotes, and citations, citing textbooks, citing academic articles, changing the thesis, changing any content of your paper. The aforementioned formatting details should normally be included in your essay rubric. However, you may request any of them in case you forgot to do so initially. As for editing and changing content, we advise you to take advantage of that as it will greatly improve your paper.

Do you guarantee that my data will be secure?

When you look for someone write my essay you might want to keep your data safe and remain anonymous online. To ensure the security of your data, first and foremost, we don't ask for it. It takes just a name and email address to register on our platform. We use the most trusted and secured gateways to ensure that every transaction runs smoothly and your data never gets revealed on the web.

Do you have extra features I need to pay for?

Every part you might need to write a fantastic essay is already included in the initial cost. We do not charge extra for any sort of editing when you do my paper with us. Stuff like revising, writing a title page, or adding a new source to the bibliography comes entirely for free and without any add-on payments.

Free Features Included in the Package

We care deeply for our customers. Therefore we offer a package of additional features that you can use to improve your essay. Be aware of scammers and services that overcharge you when you ask them to do my papers! We give you all these features and more for free!

The best writer
for $4.90
for $6.13
Title page
for $6.13
for $9.82
Plagiarism report
for $18.42

Get all these free features for $45.41 FREE

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Stay Anonymous with DoMyEssay

Our do my essay for me service places the highest emphasis on anonymity, safekeeping the identity of both our customers and our writers. Our job is to help you do my paper and retain you as customers in the long run by offering the best quality on every assignment. We are not interested in collecting people's private data and other sensitive information. We only require an email so we can send you drafts, final papers, promotions, updates on discounts, etc.

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Receiving exclusive help with your essay is easy as pie! Just fill out the order form, drop a text in the chat with your writer, and you're set to start! Having ordered a paper for us, you're free to enjoy college life to the fullest, study for exams, or hop on the opportunities presented to you in this time of your life. Make the best of this service, and work smart to supercharge your academic standing!